KAI KOTARO-Wood Craft Artist Japanese #2

Introduce to Mug Cup

By the Artist Kotaro Kai work description :

The cypress mug is finished with wipe-lacquer,
and the ball in the handle is made of beech wood with red lacquer
applied about 10 times and then polished to a marble pattern.
As a technique,
It is classified as Tsuishu.
The ball is fixed by driving a dowel from the bottom of the handle.

The cup body is carved from a single mass.
Since it is carved freehand instead of using a lathe,
it has a playful shape that is not a perfect circle.

I like the fact that when viewed from the side,
it looks like a bird holding a nut in its mouth.

Artist: Kotaro Kai
He is making in Osaka, Japan
working in a traditional way

桧のマグ 作品紹介

作家 甲斐幸太郎さんによる作品解説